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Founding Members & Ambassadors

Founding Members

Our Founders are military veterans who helped establish the brand and have been the driving force behind the creation of Liberty & Loyalty Foundation.

Johnny Drew, Jr.


Johnny Drew, Jr., was born and raised in Grass Valley, California with the All-American childhood and dream of becoming a professional baseball player or fireman. But when Drew was 9 years old, his uncle planted a seed of courage, discipline and resilience in becoming a paratrooper and Drew immediately began shifting his focus on becoming just that.

In 1989, months before high school graduation, Drew took the ASVAB test and military recruiters began calling. When Drew told the Army recruiter he wanted to be a Paratrooper, he tried to dissuade Drew, warning of constant discomfort and road marching. Determined, Drew had his Dad sign an age waiver at the recruiting office since he was only 17.

After graduating Nevada Union High School in 1990, Drew left for Fort Benning, Georgia where he completed Army Basic Training, Advanced Individual Training and Airborne School (Parachute training) before finally living out his childhood dream of becoming a Paratrooper.

Drew’s first duty assignment was in Vicenza, Italy. At just 18 years old, being stationed in Europe, especially Italy, was incredibly exciting. He had the opportunity to travel and train throughout Europe during his time there, and even deployed to Northern Iraq for Operation Desert Storm/Operation Provide Comfort.

Following Iraq, Drew was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina with the famous 82nd Airborne Division, serving as an Airborne Infantryman. In 1993, Drew attended and successfully completed the US Army Ranger School, earning the prestigious Ranger Tab. Years later, Drew was stationed in Alaska. It was there where he met his now close friend Travis Beck who was serving in the Air Force. Amidst all the beauty Alaska had to offer, outdoor fishing and snowmobiling, Drew got his first taste of the rodeo competing in Double Mugging and Chute-Dogging. After his service in Alaska, Drew was station in Korea before returning back to Alaska and finally deploying to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. A few years later, Drew deployed to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom. Towards the end of his deployment in Afghanistan, Drew felt retirement was approaching, especially as hints were being dropped about his next assignment involving constant travel with General Officers. Drew's response was "You can give that to someone else, I'm retiring."

After serving in the army for 27 years, stationed in four countries, achieving the rank of Command Sergeant Major/E9 and earning numerous badges and medals, Drew retired in 2017 and transitioned into a new career as an over the road truck driver. Drew settled down in Purcell, Oklahoma, where he purchased a house and embraced a peaceful life. Little did Drew know he and Beck would reunite as neighbors in Oklahoma and Beck would introduce him to the world of roping including American Military Celebration (AMC). With no rope, no horse and no roping skills, Drew attended the Horns N' Heroes roping clinic in November 2020 in Stephenville, Texas. For two days, while others were roping live cattle, Drew committed his time to honing his roping skills, diligently practicing with a stationary roping dummy on the ground. Unfortunately, after the intense sessions, his right shoulder became practically unusable but Drew said the turning point was when Charly Crawford awarded him the TOP HAND BUCKLE. This moment ignited Drew's determination to pursue a career as a team roper. Just 30 days later, Drew made a significant investment by purchasing a horse, a horse trailer, and even a dog (Bobbie-Jo) to support his new passion.

In 2021, with his own horse "Louie" this time, Drew applied and was selected to attend AMC (now referred to as American Hero Celebration- AHC). Despite Drew's limited roping and horse riding skills, Drew managed to catch and turn a steer alongside Junior Nogueira during the Pro-Am roping event. This first year accomplishment solidified Drew's passion for the sport. After the 2021 AMC event, Crawford approached Drew and invited him to become an ambassador. As a result of the knowledge and skills Drew gained through Crawford's roping outreach to military and first responders, Drew dedicated nearly every day and every weekend to participating in roping jackpots in Oklahoma.

Drew says “Team roping has changed my life and provided me with a sense of purpose and good company. Despite life’s challenges, team roping has played a vital role in bringing me peace in life and I hope I can do it until my final day.” said Drew.

Michael Hall


Mike grew up in Independence, KS and joined the Army in 2003 after high school. He completed Basic Training, Airborne School, and joined the United Nations Command Honor Guard. In 2006, Hall was deployed to Iraq as a Bradley commander. Shortly after, Hall's Bradley was hit by a roadside bomb, resulting in injuries which left him recovering for more than a year to overcome traumatic brain injury and burns. Hall medically retired in 2008 and has been actively helping veterans and facilitating nonprofit work since 2010. Through his involvement with veterans in activities such as roping, Hall himself started roping in 2013. Down the road, Hall learned of the Horns N' Heroes roping clinic from a longtime friend. "I was introduced to a whole new military cowboy group and the rest was history,” said Hall who eventually became an integral part of Liberty & Loyalty Foundation, member of the Professional Armed Forces Rodeo Association (PAFRA) and Warriors And Rodeo (WAR). The love of the western lifestyle didn't end there. Years later Hall met Diana Brogan, a former US Army soldier who participated in various rodeo events. Hall said, “We share a mutual understanding of the roping industry camaraderie, given her experience as an Iraq war veteran.” Hall also said their family shares a passion for rodeo competition and a more deepened appreciation for the rodeo community and families involved.

"The weeklong roping events in the fall, produced by Liberty & Loyalty Foundation, is my favorite time of year,” said Hall. "The camaraderie that I needed in my life, I had no idea was a thing! Participating in the roping clinic was a significant time in my life that led me to a Military Rodeo Family I didn't know existed."

Shawn Day


Shawn Day served in the U.S. Army for 22 years as an Infantryman, stationed at Fort Hood, Vilseck GE, Fort Riley KS, and Fort Campbell KY. He participated in peacekeeping operations in Bosnia in 1997 and Kosovo in 1999. In 2003, he was deployed to Iraq but had to return early due to injuries. During his recovery, he served in the Commanding Generals Mounted Color Guard for 4 years, representing the Army at various events. In 2009, he deployed to Iraq again but was once more injured in combat.

Shawn's interest in team roping began while stationed in Germany, and it has brought him close friendships alongside his love for his country.

Shawn Day's connection with Charly Crawford and Jackie Hobbs-Crawford goes back to the early days of the organization, before it even had a name. “Back then, we called it “Charly’s Deal”, said Day who has been amazed by its growth. He recalls Crawford’s first clinic, where veterans bonded instantly, some of whom had known each other for two decades. They engaged in friendly banter and brought in new military cowboys to join the community. As a result of the nationwide connections established, other military rodeo events have flourished, providing increased opportunities for fostering numerous friendships among military veterans and first responders.

“I hope the Crawford family truly comprehends the impact they have made on the community. Among the many wonderful organizations I’ve been a part of, watching and assisting the military rodeo family's growth has been a genuine blessing. It’s one of my favorite things!” said Day with a big smile.

Travis Beck


Travis grew up in central Nebraska as a cattle rancher’s kid with horses and going to rodeos. At the point of graduation from high school, Travis decided to join the Air Force with the intent to use those benefits to put him through college. Plans quickly changed and he realized he really enjoyed seeing the world and the military. Beck was lucky enough to have been provided opportunities throughout his career to play in the rodeo arena and participate in some roping.

In 2015, Charly Crawford held an amazing event and Beck, along with his wife Jessica, attended the breakaway roping. Beck was deployed that year and "quietly sulked" said Beck, as his rodeo friends went and spent the weekend getting tuned up and interacting with rodeo super stars. A few years later, Beck was able to start attending the annual events.

"The comfort level while learning from Charly and Trey Johnson Ministries is unreal. They treat you like family and break roping steps down for each person to a comprehensive level of understanding." said Travis Beck. "Having the privilege to be an ambassador of such a great event that gives so much back to military and now first responders is simply humbling. Our key focus is helping anyone we can through our passion of roping and love that we all share in addition to our military brotherhood."


Our Ambassadors are military veterans and first responders who embody the principles of Liberty & Loyalty Foundation. They play a crucial role in representing and conveying our values and mission to others.

Andreas Sanchez


Andreas Sanchez, born in El Paso, Texas, grew up in the quaint town of Grants, New Mexico. Although he spent most of his life in New Mexico, he has since made Boyd, Texas his home since 2016.

Andreas has always held a deep respect for those who have served in the military, with both of his grandfathers having served. Inspired by their example, Andreas attended the New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) in high school. After graduating, he felt a strong calling to join the military and embarked on a six-year journey. During his time of service, he served as a 14S/16S Stinger Missile System crew member and also cross-trained as an 88M.

It was through friends who knew about his military background that Andreas first learned about the American Hero Celebration and the free roping clinic organized by Charly Crawford for soldiers. Intrigued, he decided to attend and was fortunate enough to participate.

Having never attended a clinic before, Andreas was initially unsure if it would be worth the cost. However, attending Charly's clinic completely changed his perspective on lessons and clinics. It turned out to be much more than just a roping clinic—it brought soldiers together in an environment that rekindled the camaraderie they once shared during their time in the military. It was an experience that exceeded his expectations.

In his professional life, Andreas works as an Air Traffic Controller for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a career he has dedicated 15 years to. He started at ABQ Tower and currently works at DFW Tower. While his job can sometimes be compared to the movie "Pushing Tin," Andreas approaches it with a sense of humor and dedication.

Outside of work, Andreas spends as much time as possible roping. He strives to be on horseback in the arena at least twice a week, participating in various roping competitions such as World Series, USTRC, OTRA, and Patriot.

When reflecting on the events that have shaped his life, Andreas acknowledges the many small things and people that have influenced and guided him. From his firm but fair parents to his supportive spouse and loyal friends who have become like family, Andreas recognizes the significance of these individuals and moments in his journey.

Blake Mallory


Blake Mallory (McGee), a native of Palestine, Texas, began his journey by enlisting in the United States Marine Corps in July of 2003. His first duty station was at Camp Pendleton, California, where he served with Kilo Battery, 3rd Battalion 12th Marines, Echo, and Headquarters Batteries of 2nd Battalion 11th Marines, under the renowned "BLUE DIAMOND" - the 1st Marine Division. Blake bravely completed two tours of duty in Iraq, participating in significant operations such as "Operation Vigilant Resolve" and the historic and intense "Operation Phantom Fury" - the Second Battle of Fallujah, considered one of the deadliest battles in American history since the Battle of Hue City. In March of 2006, while serving in the Al Anbar Province, Blake's vehicle was hit by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), resulting in injuries that led to him being awarded the Purple Heart Medal for his courage and sacrifice. After his honorable service, Blake felt a deep calling to continue serving others, utilizing his unique experiences to provide counseling and advocacy for the Veteran and First Responder community. Currently a Doctoral Candidate in the Counseling Education Program at Texas Tech University, Blake holds a Master's degree in Counseling Education: Clinical Mental Health from Texas Tech University, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in AG Leadership & Development from Texas A&M University. With over 12 years of military, law enforcement, and investigative experience, Blake has acquired invaluable knowledge and skills that greatly contribute to his counseling career. He passionately devotes himself to serving this population, conducting research and developing programs to implement effective treatment for his clients and participants. As the Owner and Co-Founder of Cardinal Counseling and Wellness Group, Blake is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a strong focus on trauma and suicide prevention. He extends his services to veterans, first responders, front-line medical workers, educators, children with special needs, and their families. Blake's unwavering enthusiasm, expertise, and personal experiences serve as the driving force behind his mission to help those in need and support those who courageously face adversity every day.

Brian Bolick


Brian Bolick is a remarkable individual with a diverse background and a strong commitment to service. Originally from Bessemer City, NC, Brian joined the US Army Reserves in September 1990 and served as a Combat Engineer (12-Bravo) until October 2000. Currently, Brian holds the rank of Sergeant and leads the Special Investigations Unit (VICE/Narcotics) at the Gaston County Police Department in Gastonia, NC. With 28 years of dedicated service, Brian plans to retire at the end of 2024. Throughout his career, Brian has held various roles within law enforcement, including Patrol Officer, K-9 Officer, Undercover Narcotics Detective, Explosive Breacher, and Tactical Bomb Technician for the SWAT Team. He has also served as the Bomb Squad Commander, showcasing his expertise and commitment to public safety. Outside of his law enforcement career, Brian is a proud owner and operator of the Triple Nickel Forty Company, a commercial cow/calf operation. Additionally, he recently ventured into the world of team roping, specializing in heading. His passion for roping led him to be selected for the Horns and Heroes Clinic in November 2021, and he hasn't missed an event since then. Brian Bolick is a true embodiment of dedication, perseverance, and a commitment to serving others both in his military and civilian life.

Cody Talvy


Cody Talvy is originally from the charming town of Hereford, Arizona, nestled in the southeast region of the state. After completing his education at Tombstone High School in 2012, Cody relocated to Elgin, Arizona, where he currently resides. As a dedicated member of the Arizona Air National Guard, Cody served as an RPA Aircraft Mechanic stationed at Fort Huachuca.

At the age of 20, in 2015, Cody joined the Arizona Air National Guard as a Tactical Aircraft Mechanic, focusing on F-16s in Tucson. For two years, Cody had the privilege of working on F-16s as part of the crew. Later, he seized the opportunity to contribute to the establishment of a new squadron for MQ-9 RAs at Fort Huachuca, assuming the role of a crew chief. Since the squadron's inception, Cody have been fortunate to journey across the globe, encountering experiences and cultures that were once beyond his imagination. In the summer of 2022, he deployed to Romania, where he was honored with the Air and Space Commendation Medal for his service. Having dedicated eight years as a full-time member of the AZ ANG, he is committed to forging a career within its ranks.

Through the power of social media, Cody learned about the American Hero Celebration produced by Liberty & Loyalty Foundation. Despite his limited roping skills and horsemanship at the time, Cody decided to take a leap of faith and participate in the event. It turned out to be one of the best decisions he ever made. Charly Crawford and Trey Johnson, the exceptional coaches and amazing individuals behind the event, have had an immeasurable impact on Cody’s roping, horsemanship, and overall confidence. During Cody’s time in the clinic, he was fortunate enough to win the Top Hand buckle—an achievement he had always aspired to. In gratitude for all they do for veterans and first responders, Cody presented Charly and Trey with flags flown in an MO-9 mission as a token of appreciation.

Cody’s love for the event and the connections he forged led him to return the following year, eager to assist in any way he could. It was during that same year that Cody was invited to become an ambassador—an honor that brought him great joy, alongside the thrill of winning his first buckle.

Charly's mentorship and guidance have been transformative for Cody, both as a roper and as an individual. Although he initially struggled to put it all together, Cody is deeply grateful for the growth he experienced. Charly's coaching has significantly elevated his roping skills. In Cody’s first year at the clinic, he had the privilege of roping alongside Logan Medlin in the Pro Am event. Despite Cody’s nerves and self-doubt, he pushed himself to focus on catching, trusting that Logan would do his part. When Cody successfully caught the steer and felt the overwhelming support and cheers from the crowd, it became one of the most memorable moments of Cody’s life. The camaraderie that permeates the event is what makes it truly special. We gather to learn, have fun, and cheer each other on. The confidence instilled by Charly, led Cody to the short round with Trey Yates the following year, and he even made it to the short round at the Cowtown Coliseum with his dear friend Wayne Thacker.

The opportunity to rope with the pros is awe-inspiring. These individuals, despite their remarkable achievements, are incredibly humble and generous with their time. While Cody greatly admires them, they are eager to hear his story and connect on a personal level. The friendships Cody has formed through these events are invaluable, with a special mention to Rook Rawls, who has been a constant source of support and encouragement since Cody’s first clinic. The American Hero Celebration has a remarkable ability to foster new friendships that transcend the boundaries of what we initially thought possible. Many individuals have found solace and support through Trey's motivational speeches and words of encouragement. Veterans and first responders often lack an outlet to share their stories and struggles with others who truly understand, making the clinic a safe space for reminiscing, releasing emotions, and supporting one another.

“To Charly, Trey, and everyone involved in the AMC, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for changing my life and allowing me to be a part of this incredible organization. The impact you have made is immeasurable, and I am forever grateful.” - Cody Talvy

Jerrod Miller


Jerrod Miller, a resident of Decatur, Texas, proudly served in the Louisiana National Guard for 8 years, beginning at the young age of 17. Jerrod was a member of Charlie Troop of the 2-108th Cavalry Regiment, 256 IBCT, based in Coushatta, Louisiana. Initially serving as a Forward Observer (13 Foxtrot), Jerrod later transitioned to the role of an Infantryman (11 Bravo). During his time in the National Guard, he achieved remarkable accomplishments in marksmanship, placing 18th in the Louisiana State Marksmanship competition for service rifle and service pistol in 2017, and 12th in 2018 out of a field of 150+. For both years, he was honored with the Governor's 20 tab. Furthermore, Jerrod received the Army Excellence in Competition for service rifle from the Marksmanship Training Center in Fort Benning, Georgia. Rising through the ranks, he attained the rank of Sergeant (E5).

Jerrod's service to the community extended beyond his military duties as he was activated multiple times to assist and protect civilians during natural disasters in Louisiana. In 2012, after Hurricane Isaac wreaked havoc in New Orleans, Jerrod's unit was called upon to patrol the streets and safeguard establishments from looting. In 2016, when severe flooding plagued the state, he once again answered the call and participated in search and rescue operations for civilians as floodwaters rose throughout the night.

While serving in the National Guard, Jerrod pursued his education and earned a bachelor's degree in Construction Engineering Technology from Louisiana Tech University. It was during this time that he met his soulmate, Caroline. Following his graduation, they tied the knot and relocated to Texas. Caroline pursued her own educational aspirations, attending UTSD in Houston and graduating as a dentist with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Eventually, they settled in Decatur to pursue their shared passion for rodeo.

Currently, Jerrod works as a Project Manager for Vaughn Construction, based in Irving, Texas, while Caroline serves as an Associate Dentist at Loretto Family Dentistry in Corinth, Texas.

In his spare time, Jerrod indulges in his love for roping, both calf roping and team roping. His introduction to team roping came through a military team roping clinic organized by Charly Crawford, which has now become a part of the American Hero Celebration produced by Liberty & Loyalty Foundation. Initially, he didn't have a team roping horse and tried his hand at heeling on his wife's calf/breakaway roping horse, Cleo (Miss Okie Cleo, AQHA). Over time, with Charly's guidance, Jerrod learned to head and trained his current mount, Payday (Frosty the Smokeman, AQHA). The American Hero Celebration has provided Jerrod with the opportunity to connect with fellow veterans and has been a life-changing experience. Through Charly's generosity, he has formed lifelong friendships and witnessed the strength and support that veterans and first responders find outside of their time in service.

Justin Long


Kip Human


Kip Huhman, raised in Taylor, Nebraska in a military family, has a deep connection to the armed forces. With his father serving in the US Army during the Vietnam War and his mother and sister retiring from the US Navy, Kip's own military journey began in 2002 when he joined the US Marine Corps after the 9/11 attacks. Serving until 2006, he participated in Operation Enduring Freedom in Uzbekistan and supported Operation Iraqi Freedom. Kip re-enlisted from 2007 to 2011, deploying with the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit and the 1st Tank Battalion Delta Company for Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, which were the first US tanks deployed and operated in Afghanistan. Additionally, he worked as a Tank Commander on the M1A1 Abrams main battle tank and was also a small arms weapons instructor, specializing in rifles, pistols, and crew-served weapons.

Even before Kip was old enough to ride a horse, his father taught him the art of roping. After his time in the Marine Corps, Kip found himself in Stephenville, Texas, a perfect location for pursuing his passion for team roping.

In 2020, Kip's friend Jon Kelly informed him about a team roping clinic exclusively for veterans and active service members, founded by Charly Crawford and now referred to as Horns N’ Heroes. The event caught Kip's interest, and he and Jon quickly signed up. At the clinic, Kip had the opportunity to meet Charly and Trey Johnson, both exceptional roping instructors who taught him valuable skills and helped him discover more about himself. Kip formed a strong friendship with Charly, who later invited him to heel at his heading clinics. In 2021, Kip became an ambassador for American Military Celebration, now Liberty & Loyalty Foundation (LLF), offering his support wherever it was needed. In 2022, he took on the role of Arena Director, a position he will continue to hold in 2023. Throughout this time, Charly became a trusted mentor and friend to Kip, aiding in his growth as a roper.

Outside of his involvement with the LLF, Kip currently resides in Weatherford, Texas, working as a heavy equipment operator building arena foundations. Kip expresses immense gratitude for the opportunities LLF has provided him. Kip stated, “I feel a strong the sense of camaraderie and the foundation gives me an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and forge new friendships with active and veteran service members”. Following his initial experience with LLF, Charly and his wife, Jackie, became an incredible support system for Kip. “I deeply appreciate the Crawford family’s enduring friendship and encouragement and I look forward to being part of the growth and success of LLF.”

Liz Loring


Liz Loring is an incredible individual who has shown determination and resilience in various aspects of her life. Her journey began when she joined the Marines at the age of 17, proving her doubters wrong. As an F-18 Plane Captain stationed in Miramar, California, Liz had the opportunity to travel and explore different countries and states during her two Western Pacific tours.

After her time in the Marines, Liz was on the lookout for a hobby that she could enjoy with her horse. Discovering team roping, she took lessons from trainer Pat Ivey and quickly became captivated by the sport. Despite not having a rope horse of her own, Liz's passion for roping continued to grow.

In 2014, Liz moved to Stephenville and came across a flyer for a free military roping school organized by Charly Crawford. Although she didn't have a horse to bring, Liz attended the school to learn from the ground. The experience was incredibly valuable, and she even had the opportunity to ride Charly's horse and gain practical roping experience. Liz's dedication and enthusiasm for roping led her to hope for the continuation of such schools, and her wish was granted.

Returning to San Marcos after college, Liz worked at the Travis County Jail before joining the San Marcos Police Department in 2018. Alongside her patrol duties, Liz serves as an FTO (Field Training Officer) and is involved in the Drone Team and Collision Investigation Teams. She also ensures fresh coffee is available for her shift.

It wasn't until 2021 that Liz was finally able to afford a rope horse and take lessons. Despite the challenges of adjusting to a faster horse, Liz's determination didn't waver. In 2021, she was accepted into Charly's school as a header, bringing her own horse. The supportive atmosphere and guidance from Charly, Trey, and her classmates made the experience unforgettable. Liz's hard work paid off, earning her the "Most Improved Header" buckle, which she proudly wears.

Financial constraints prevented Liz from sending her horse to a trainer in 2022, but that didn't deter her commitment to volunteering at the Liberty and Loyalty events. Determined to return in 2023, Charly encouraged Liz to come back with a horse. Selling her house and investing in lessons and schools, Liz eventually found a new horse and spent time building a strong partnership with him.

In 2023, Liz returned to the American Hero Celebration with her horse and had a wonderful time volunteering. She even participated in the Mil/Pro roping, turning one for Joseph Harrison. However, tragedy struck when Liz's horse passed away shortly after the event. Determined not to lose all the progress she had made, Liz and her friend Mandy pooled their resources to purchase a new horse from the Bowie sale. Despite the horse's age and slower pace, Liz appreciates his reliability and looks forward to bringing him to future Liberty and Loyalty events.

Liz Loring's story is one of resilience, dedication, and a deep love for roping. Her unwavering spirit and commitment to overcoming challenges make her a true inspiration to others.

Mike Jackson


Shane White


Shane White, a highly experienced professional and esteemed leader, currently holds the position of Project Manager at Equibrand Corporation. With roots in Maud, Texas, Shane's connection to the equestrian world runs deep, as he grew up on a Horse Ranch in Rock Creek, Texas. Throughout his life, Shane's unwavering passion for training horses and riding has remained a constant force. Prior to his current role, Shane dedicated an impressive 21 years of his career to the United States Air Force, where he achieved remarkable success as a Dedicated Crew Chief on B-2 and B-52 Bombers. His commitment to service led him to deploy to multiple locations, making significant contributions to the war effort over the past two decades. Shane's exceptional leadership skills and unwavering dedication did not go unnoticed, resulting in his progression through the ranks and eventual promotion to the prestigious rank of Senior Master Sergeant (E8). During his illustrious career, Shane held various duty titles and assumed operational leadership roles, culminating in his final role as the Bomber Division Superintendent for the Joint Nuclear Operational Center in 2023. Beyond his professional life, Shane places great importance on spending quality time with his wife and three wonderful children. His love for the roping pen is evident, and he actively pursues this passion whenever possible. Additionally, Shane serves as an ambassador and member of the operations team for Charly Crawford's American Hero Celebration. Introduced to Charly Crawford in 2021 through the annual military roping event, Shane's involvement inspired him to organize local clinics in his community. This connection blossomed into a meaningful friendship and ultimately led Shane to create a Military Skill Bridge Internship Program for Charly. This initiative provides separating military members with opportunities in the Western Industry as they transition to civilian life. The diverse and impactful journey of Shane White reflects his unwavering commitment to excellence, discipline, and service, both during his military career and in his influential role at Equibrand Corporation.

Travis Boes


Several years ago, Travis was introduced to the American Hero Celebration by a fellow ambassador who encouraged him to attend and connect with other veterans, including Charly Crawford and Trey Johnson. As a novice roper, Travis had no idea what to expect, but the experience surpassed his expectations and ignited a passion for team roping that continues to drive Travis today.

Travis' military journey began in 1995 when he joined the Marine Corps as a CH46E Crew Chief, serving as a flying mechanic. Travis was stationed in Okinawa, Japan, where he spent a significant portion of his time deployed on the USS Dubuque, USS New Orleans, and USS Belleau Wood, traveling to Australia and Thailand. The majority of his Marine Corps career was spent in Washington DC, attached to HMX-1, the Presidential Helicopter Squadron. During this time, he transitioned to the VH3D and had the privilege of serving as a Marine One Crew Chief, flying with both President Clinton and President Bush.

Later, Travis embarked on the next chapter of his military career and joined the Army as a Warrant Officer and Pilot. Fortunate circumstances led him to select the AH64D Longbow Attack Helicopter during flight school. Travis was then stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, with the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment and deployed to Iraq in 2007 as a Pilot in Command. However, his military career took an unexpected turn in 2008 when he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, bringing it to an abrupt halt.

Despite this setback, it became evident to Travis that a higher power had a different plan in store for him. He found himself working for the Federal Aviation Administration, serving as a Lead Operations Officer in Fort Worth. While residing in Decatur, Texas, Travis is determined to strike a balance between his passion for roping and the precious moments he shares with his wife of 24 years, his work responsibilities, and the joys of life alongside his adult children and grandchildren.

The diagnosis of Diabetes has had a profound impact on Travis' life. At the time, he wasn't ready to let go of his flight suit. However, living with diabetes has taught him the importance of resilience and adapting to the unexpected challenges that life throws our way. Travis has learned to roll with the punches, pushing forward despite pain and uncertainty, knowing that perseverance is key.

Ty Wilson


From a young age, growing up on a ranch in Alvarado, Texas, Ty Wilson had a clear goal in mind—to become a carrier-based fighter pilot for the US Navy. In 1999, during his senior year of high school, Ty obtained his private pilot's license and worked as a flight instructor and contract cargo pilot throughout college.

In May 2001, Ty began his military journey by joining the US Navy. After completing Officer Candidate School in Pensacola, Florida, Ty was commissioned as an Ensign in July 2006. Despite being initially told that his height would limit him to flying transport aircraft, he excelled in VT 28 primary flight training at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, graduating as one of the top 5% flight students of all time. Ty then obtained a waiver that allowed him to fly jet aircraft and was assigned to VT 21 at NAS Kingsville, where he flew the T-45 Goshawk. Having graduated at the top of his class and receiving recognition for aerial combat and aerial weapons delivery, Ty earned his first choice of fleet assignments—to fly the F/A-18 Super Hornet at NAS Lemoore, California.

At NAS Lemoore, Ty joined VFA 22, known as the world-famous Fighting Redcocks. With the Redcocks, Ty embarked on multiple combat deployments aboard the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. In December 2012, Ty was honored for his hard work and received orders to NAS Fallon, Nevada, where he served in the N7 Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center (now known as Naval Air Warfare Development Center). While there, he had the opportunity to fly various aircraft, including the F-5 Tiger and F-16 Fighting Falcon, serving as an adversary for fleet training and TOPGUN support.

During his time in Fallon, Ty rediscovered his passion for team roping and became involved in local roping events, including the BFI in Reno. In addition to his flying duties, he served as the Navy's Close Air Support (CAS) Subject Matter Expert (SME) and trained Naval Special Warfare Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC) as a JTAC instructor and evaluator. Working closely with special forces from around the world, Ty trained them in calling in airstrikes and artillery.

In 2014, Ty was accepted into Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) as a Fire Support Officer and JTAC. Over the next three years, he conducted numerous combat deployments in support of the global war on terror; however, in August 2017, Ty made the decision to prioritize his family and separate from the Navy. Ty then transitioned to the Air Force Reserve and became a B1 pilot at Dyess Air Force Base, Texas. Although he sought more stability, the operational tempo and deployment cycles remained demanding. Ty deployed for combat operations in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan in 2018 and again in 2019.

During the limited time he spent at home, Ty became a volunteer firefighter for a local county VFD. In May 2022, he was one of the first firefighters on the scene at the Mesquite Heat fire, one of the largest wildland fires in Taylor County's history. After 18 days of extinguishing the fire, he was personally recognized by Texas Governor Greg Abbott and our local US Congressman Jody Arrington for his heroic and life-saving actions during the fire.

It was through a chance meeting with Bill Force at a Parker County jackpot roping that Ty first heard about the American Hero Celebration roping clinic produced by Liberty & Loyalty Foundation. Bill had mentioned Charly Crawford's small clinic in Stephenville, followed by a jackpot roping. In Ty’s first year at Charly's clinic, his runs were less than impressive, but the following year, he was selected for the roping clinic and ended up placing third in the military first responder roping. In 2023, Ty finished second and 12th in the military first responder roping and he remains determined that 2024 will be the year he wins it all!

Wade Crewnshaw


Wade "Western Horseman" Crenshaw is an exceptional individual who exemplifies the true spirit of the American Hero Celebration. Born in Hereford, Texas, in 1990, Wade has dedicated his life to service and horsemanship. From a young age, Wade discovered his passion for horsemanship through active involvement in 4-H and FFA. He honed his skills and dedication to the craft through competing in Jr Rodeo, showcasing his talent and commitment. Wade's journey of service began with his remarkable 11-year dedication to the US Army and Texas National Guard as a member of the renowned 101st Airborne. During his military career, Wade faced the challenges of deployment, including serving overseas in Afghanistan and supporting the Texas Border mission. He also played a pivotal role in rescue efforts during Hurricane Harvey, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to helping others in times of need. Even today, Wade continues to embrace the cowboy way of life, participating in jackpot team roping and ranch rodeos. He spends most of his time between Amarillo and Iowa Park, taking care of his horses and cherishing the moments with his three beautiful daughters. Wade's reintroduction to roping while deployed came through a program called Rope Afghanistan, further fueling his passion for horsemanship. His journey led him to Charly Crawford's American Hero Celebration, where he was accepted to the Horns N Heroes clinic in 2022. Since then, he has become a vital and dedicated member of the community, serving as an ambassador and participating in various events. Wade's commitment to the Liberty and Loyalty Foundation is unwavering, as he truly believes in the importance of fostering friendships and bonds within the community. Wade Crenshaw's life embodies the intersection of cowboy grit and military discipline, making him a true Western Horseman and Ambassador in every sense. His unwavering dedication to service and horsemanship serves as an inspiration to others, showcasing the values of courage, loyalty, and honor.

Wayne Thacker


Wayne Thacker's journey has been one of resilience, personal growth, and a deep passion for team roping. Joining the Marine Corps in 1974, Wayne's military career spanned 20 years, instilling discipline and providing him with valuable life lessons. While serving, Wayne wore many hats, from driving heavy vehicles to serving as a computer programmer and weapons instructor.

During his time in the Marine Corps, Wayne was introduced to the world of rodeo through his fellow Marines. He developed an interest in saddle bronc riding and even obtained his permit with the PRCA. However, frequent duty station transfers made it difficult for Wayne to continue pursuing his rodeo dreams in rough stock events.

After retiring from the military, Wayne's desire to compete led him to the world of team roping. He attended clinics, purchased his first head horse, and later acquired a heel horse. It was during this time that he met Bill Force, another retired Marine with a passion for team roping. They roped together and sought opportunities to improve their skills.

Wayne's journey took a significant turn when he learned about roping clinics offered by NFR qualifier Charly Crawford specifically for veterans. Attending the clinic, Wayne not only honed his roping skills but also connected with like-minded veterans from different backgrounds. Inspired by the experience, Wayne volunteered to help with future clinics and events, becoming an integral part of the organization.

The AHC (American Hero Celebration) event has become a highlight of Wayne's year. Reconnecting with friends, making new connections, and contributing his efforts to ensure the event runs smoothly bring him immense satisfaction. Wayne's goals now include winning prestigious competitions such as the World Series Finale in Las Vegas, the Vets/First Responders jackpot of the AHC, and the Pro/Am of the AHC.

To pursue his goals, Wayne invested in a new horse with exceptional abilities. However, he understands that success requires dedicated practice and a focus on fundamentals. He emphasizes the importance of making quality runs rather than quantity and believes in practicing with like-minded individuals who share his commitment to improvement.

Beyond the thrill of competition, team roping keeps Wayne active and fulfills his desire to continuously challenge himself. He draws inspiration from seeing older ropers who remain competitive through their dedication to staying active and maintaining their health.

Wayne's outlook on life reflects his belief that you get out of it what you put into it. He strives to be a competitor who motivates others to elevate their game when they see him enter a roping event. Wayne's journey is a testament to the enduring spirit of determination, growth, and camaraderie found in the world of team roping.